Hi there!

Awesome that you’re reading the Leiden Science Magazine. The editorial staff of Leiden Science Magazine consists of enthousiastic Bachelor's and Master's students of the Science faculty of Leiden University. We emerged during the year 2020 as the result of a fusion of university magazines Eureka! and Origin, which is why we currently write about all of the different disciplines within the faculty.

Maybe you have spotted our mascot already? The tardigrade. This little animal represents the multi-disciplinary mindset that we want to propagate among the students of Leiden University. Why that is the case you can read in one of our articles ‘A tardigrade odyssey’.

We will always recommend students to stay involved with whatever is happening in other areas of science (By joining us, for example 🙂). This makes it so much easier to come up with creative solutions – just by looking at problems from all of the different perspectives.

And that is where the magazine jumps in: Whether you just read it or contribute to it, you are widening your view on science. Let us know if you are interested in writing an article or working together – we are open to anything!