Toronto Times 3 – High up

Toronto Times 3 – High up

An MSc student biology is embarking on an adventure to do a research internship in Toronto, Canada. For nine months. A leap of faith into a new world. In nine short, monthly pieces, he gives an impression of what it's like.

Fridays are often quiet in the lab. Most people leave early. In Toronto, people in academia aren't calibrated around a 9-5 rhythm. As long as your research project is up and running, what time you come in and what time you leave is of secondary importance. For me, it means I can usually sleep in a little longer, but also work later in the evening or sometimes even on the weekends – if the experiment demands it. It is quite a departure from what I’m used to in The Netherlands. As my viral sample seeps through a purification column, I take a moment to glance at the window. Afar, the CN Tower scratches a passing cloud. The University of Toronto is situated right downtown. It makes for a cinematic morning commute. With each week, I am feeling more at home in this foreign city.


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